Parenting made easy with Nurture Circle

NurtureCircle is a digital parenting club that aims to support parents in creating good habits for their children and avoiding bad ones, such as excessive screen time. It provides a mobile app platform that offers a variety of after-school activities at a lower price than the market price. By providing access to affordable activities, NurtureCircle aims to make it easier for parents to keep their children engaged in healthy and beneficial activities.

In addition to offering activities, NurtureCircle also provides a community of support for parents. This community allows parents to connect with each other, share experiences, and learn from one another. Through this support system, parents can find encouragement and advice, which can be invaluable when facing the challenges of parenting.
Overall, NurtureCircle is a digital native hyper-local parenting club that aims to support parents in their efforts to raise healthy and well-rounded children. By providing access to affordable activities and a community of support, NurtureCircle is helping parents create an environment that fosters positive habits and healthy lifestyles for their children.

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Why join Nurture Circle

Discover engaging offline activities

Discover a world of personalized recommendations for engaging offline activities that promote positive behaviors and healthy habits in children.

Secure platform for parents to connect

Connect with other parents on Nurture Circle, a safe and secure platform to gain access to expert parenting tips so you do not feel alone in this journey.

Learn from other parents’ experiences

Get access to the collective wisdom of parents. Learn from their experiences and be a better parent.

Create Healthy Habits for Your Child

With our gamified approach, challenge your child to complete simple activities for 21 consecutive days to create healthy habits and positive behaviors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nurture Circle assure security and privacy for its users?

Nurture Circle takes your anonymity and privacy seriously. We are compliant with the industry's privacy standards and use the latest encryption to keep user data secured from unauthorized access.

What age group can use Nurture Circle

We recommend Nurture Circle for parents with children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old.

What are the main advantages of using Nurture Circle?

Parenting is hard. Nurture Circle offers a safe and supportive community that supports and make it easier for to learn and grow as a parent

Is NurtureCircle available worldwide?

NurtureCircle is available only in Whitefield, Bangalore as of now. We are expanding and see you soon in your city

What kind of activities does NurtureCircle recommend?

NurtureCircle provides a wide variety of activity recommendations, from creative projects to outdoor exploration, designed to engage children and promote healthy habits.

How does NurtureCircle work?

NurtureCircle provides personalized recommendations for engaging offline activities, helping parents to reduce screen time and encourage healthy habits. Through a gamified approach, parents can challenge their children to complete activities for 21 consecutive days, earning rewards and forming positive behaviors.

Join Community of Parents

Bringing parents together for a community of learning and excellence.